Why My Kids Love Canyons Summer Camp

It’s so easy to tell you what my kids love about Canyons Summer Camp or more pointedly, what don’t they love about summer camp. Seriously, they couldn’t come up with one reason. But don’t you want to know why I love Canyons Summer Camp? Surely a mama’s perspective is just as important when deciding where to send your kids during the summer break, right?!?!

My 7-year old has been going to Canyons Summer Camp the last 3 years and each summer he seems to like it more and more. I can hardly blame him. In one week at camp he went fishing, hiking, ziplining, played flies up, kicked the soccer ball around, made umpteen rainbow loom chains, played miniature golf, visited two local parks, played tennis, went swimming  and did a field trip to the Hill Aeroforce Museum. How do you begin to ask a 7-year old to pick his favorite part about that? And as active as my son can be, he’s a kid that really needs his downtime too. I love that camp offers a good mix of outdoor activity and quiet time. Each day that I picked him up from camp he was working on some sort of quiet activity. One day it was building Legos, the other it was playing cards with another camper or making Rainbow Loom chains. He digs the counselors, especially the guys, and had no problem making friends.

My 4-year old is all about playing on the rope structure in the Resort Village that he is adamant belongs to Spider-Man. He has a mild Spider-Man obsession… I’m pretty sure the highlight of his day is snack time as I get a detailed report every day of what he ate. He loves riding the Gondola and doing “adventure hikes” as he likes to call them and swimming at the Grand Summit Hotel with the counselors. Each day he comes home with not only a different art piece based on the that weeks theme but a new best friend. The only downside to camp for him is that he so badly wants to be a “big boy” and do all the things that his older brother gets to do. Since the campers don’t get to do the off-site activities until they’re 6, he’s got a few years to wait. His disappointment is usually short lived and it’s nothing a trip to Canyons Kids for a piece of candy can’t fix!

So why do I love Canyons Camp? Well first off, you just can’t beat the price for what you get. It’s a long (but not too long) of a day. You can drop the kids off as early as 8:30 and pick them up as late at 5:00. We usually end up doing 9-4:30 since we live so close and like to take it slow in the morning.  I dig that that each week the camp activities are built around a theme and the focus is spending time outdoors and being active. Lunch and snacks are included and I really appreciate that I don’t  have to think about that. Plus my kids are learning to try new foods and be more adventurous eaters! This might seem silly but for as much time as the kids spend outdoors, my boys never come home sunburned. The counselors have been awesome about putting sunblock on the kids.  If the kids are tired, there is plenty of opportunity for quiet activities and downtime but even then, it’s always constructive. Everyday I pick my kids up exhausted and happy. What more could a mama ask for?

A few insider tips: camp tends to fill fill up quick so book ahead to secure your spot. You can cancel 48 hours ahead with no charge. Make sure to pack an extra pair of clothes if you have little ones- they love to get dirty and wet. The older kids do a longer field trip on Wednesdays where they can be on the bus for up to an hour each way. Pack a book or something quiet to keep them busy. Come half an hour early to pick the kids one afternoon and sit outside on the deck at Red Tail Grill and have a margarita- I won’t tell.

For more information contact Little Adventures Children’s Center at 435-615-8036 or visit them online here.

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