Flow State premiere in Salt Lake City!

Where in the World is Kaylin Richardson?


Flow State premiere in Salt Lake City!


That is a good question. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know!  The past couple of weeks have been absolutely insane, and when I say insane, I mean insanely fun. I’ve been on the road with the Warren Miller Entertainment group promoting my first ski movie, Flow State.  After the world premiere in Salt Lake City, I have traveled to Chicago, my home town of Minneapolis, San Francisco, Hartford, Stamford, and New York City.  I was home just a day before taking off for a Nature Valley First Tracks Event in Vail.  What a whirlwind!

Following the Warren Miller crew has been an incredible experience. I’ve been at the premieres at each of these cities, and watching and hearing people’s reactions to the film has been amazing!  With promoting the film and answering questions about Canyons, I’ve got my hands full at each stop. I spend a good chunk of time autographing posters (which I run out of at almost every show!), taking photos with fans, and spreading the excitement of the upcoming ski season. During intermission I get up and greet the crowd, help give away prizes, and reminding everyone the importance of Climate change awareness through Warren Miller Entertainment’s Pro Snow campaign (with which I am involved…after all, we’re all stakeholders of winter, right?).

View from my hotel room in the Windy City

Chicago was a blast. I absolutely love that city, and the people are great. I flew in a day in advance and got to spend some time exploring the Windy City and even took a nice morning run to get my own “Flow State” going along Lake Michigan.  We had two premieres at the famous Park West Theater on the evening of October 26th.  The crowds were pumped about the movie and excited to get their Flow State on!  What a great experience.

The beautiful State Theater in my hometown Minneapolis!

The next morning I flew to my home town of Minneapolis.  I got to see my family and some friends, and brought them to the premiere with me!  I even hit the local Fox station to tape a segment encouraging people to come out for the premiere.  Flow State premiered at the State Theater downtown, which is incredible. The timing of all of this was great…I got to spend a few days with my family and even took my nephew trick-or-treating!

Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco

A few days later, I flew to San Francisco for a premiere on November 8th at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, which is by far the most stunning venue I’ve been to thus far.  The next morning, I flew straight to New York City to hit both Stamford and Hartford premieres in Connecticut!  Like I said, this has been a busy couple of weeks.

The self-titled “Snow Bears” at a premiere! Anyone who dresses up for ski movies is top notch in my book.

Hanging with co-host Jason Dundas of VH1’s Morning Buzz!

The last and final stop of this whirlwind trip was VH1’s Morning Buzz.  I was interviewed as part of a segment discussing extreme sports moments in movies.  Filming for Flow State was the perfect topic of conversation.  I was able to talk about what it was like filming the extreme skiing I did at Canyons Resort, and even let the public in on an embarrassing fall I took on one of the first lines we filmed.  Check out my segment with host Carrie Keagan, pop correspondent Jason Dundas, and movie expert Jack Rico below!



So even though I’m in Vail today, I’m heading back to Park City this weekend for a few days to catch up, then heading to Aspen to announce the World Cup.  After that, it’s off to Southern California for another round of premieres.  Follow me on Instagram @KaylinRichardson to follow me along all my travels. See you guys on the hill!

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