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Everybody’s working for the weekends, am I right? We offer a lot of activities that will help ensure an awesome, adventure-filled weekend at Canyons.

First and foremost, time to do your snow dance and sacrifice to the snow gods, as tonight is the Full Frost Moon. The full moon for the month of November has been given the name Full Frost Moon as it typically signifies winter is on the way with bodies of water freezing, frost in the air, etc.


Canyons’ Alpine Lake under the Full Moon


Our Snowshoe tours begin this weekend! Not to brag or anything, but Canyons Resort was named in the Top 10 Snowshoe friendly Resorts by Snowshoe Magazine!  Come experience a different side of the mountain with our guided tours that start out of Red Pine area. We’ve got tours available for every age and athletic ability, starting from a family tour available for kids of all ages up to a strenuous Black Diamond tour for those looking for a challenge! If you are lucky, you may even get our very own Naturalist guide, Chas Rauch, for your tour. You’ll be surprised on how much you will learn with this mountain man as your guide. Tours run twice a day at 10am and 2pm. Check back as the season continues for tours that include a lunch at Lookout Cabin, or a Moonlight tour to check out Canyons Resort at night.


Naturalist Chas Rauch


Don’t forget about our high-flying Zip Tour.  If you haven’t experienced it yet, I highly recommend it.  Nothing like flying at 200 ft off the ground at 50mph, am I right? Kids as young as seven can experience our Red Pine tour located right at the top of the gondola, but the older crowd (ages 10 and up) seeking that adrenaline rush MUST do the Lookout Tour, 2,000 ft of adventure, complete with a chairlift ride up the side of the mountain.  While you are at it,  think about how Canyons got its name.  Locals hint: don’t be afraid to slow down and take in the view!  One of the benefits of Canyons Zip Tour is you can control your own speed.


Lookout Zip Tour


In all the excitement for opening day, did you forget to do your pre-season check-list?  Fear not, that is what we are here for.  Head into Canyon Mountain Sports or One Sweet Ride to replace those under layers you can’t find (I know from experience) or for that new jacket you’ve been eyeing.  They sell hard and soft goods, and if you are anything like me, you’ll find anything and everything you’ll need for a perfect ski day.

Looking for kids gear? New this season is the Canyons Kids store, located along Ski Beach, complete with everything your kids may want or need. We’ve got gloves, clothing, helmets, games, and even plush toys and candy to treat them after a day on the slopes! Don’t be shy to stop in and grab yourself a pick-me-up to get your mid-day sugar fix, either.


Buckets of sugar at Canyons Kids


Take your skis to get them tuned for the upcoming season! At Solid Edge Tuning and Repair shop in the resort village, we have an insane Montana Challenge Max machine for tuning your equipment in the most efficient way possible.  When this machine was originally brought to Canyons last winter, it was the only one of its kind in the entire state of Utah.  This machine is fully automated, making it more precise than hand tuning. It is a stone grinding machine that puts structure into the base, and sharpens the side and base edges as well.  Head to Solid Edge Tuning and Repair to get a Silver Tune, which includes precise base repair, followed by a run through the Montana for stone grinding a very specific structure into the ski based on the current condition of the snow (think tread on tires – the structure will depend on the water content of the snow…i.e. higher water content in the snow will equal more of a core structure, so it’ll help the ski channel more water out as you ski).  The Silver Tune also includes side and base edge repair with a temperature specific wax.  This tune costs $50, but bring in your season pass for an additional 15% off.


Get your skis tuned in this fancy Montana machine!


Hungry? Looking for a unique dining experience? Bistro at Canyons opens on Sunday, December 2nd.  Located in the Silverado Lodge, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your craving with a diverse menu.  You can find everything from Beef Cheek Gnocchi to Sushi!  Reservations are recommended, and can be made by calling (435) 615-3400.


Bistro at Canyons


See you guys out on the slopes and be safe out there!

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