Wow Trail Volunteer Project

Wasatch Over Wasatch Trail Build

Over a series of 4 months, Canyons will be helping Mountain Trails Foundation and Wasatch Trails Alliance build the much anticipated  Wasatch over Wasatch (WOW) trail from Park City to Heber City.  Employees from Canyons Resort will be out working as an in kind service towards the matching funds required for the trail building grants.

Wasatch Over Wasatch (or “WOW”), will build a non-motorized loop trail from the Pine Creek Campground in Wasatch Mountain State Park up through Pine Canyon, to the north end of the state park and Summit County, then back down Dutch Canyon to the Dutch Canyon Trailhead and back across the ridge to Pine Canyon. The route will complete a leg of the Perimeter Trail for Wasatch County, and it will also link Wasatch and Summit counties and connect to seven other trails and communities in the area.

The first trail build day was on Thursday, June 19th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Over 12 employees put their day jobs on hold to come out and clear some brush on the trail just above Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway, UT.  Over 4 miles of the 27 mile long WOW trail were cleared of brush to allow a machine to come through and make the trail even more clear.  “Removing brush by hand helps to shape the trail and make it more interesting to enjoy.  A completely machine built trail won’t be as flowy or fun because the twists and turns aren’t as creative.” said Dana Edwards, a member of the Wasatch Trails Alliance who also works at Canyons as the Senior Environmental Manager.

The WOW trail will be open to public and so is the trail build!  You can volunteer through Mountain Trails Foundation and Wasatch Trails Alliance and joining Canyons employees on these following dates.  For additional information on meeting times and locations, post a question on Mountain Trails Foundation or Wasatch Trails Alliance’s facebook page – trail work is ever changing based on progress and conditions and you’ll want the most up to date info on where to be and when!

Thursday, July 17
Tuesday, July 29

Thursday, August 14

Pack some work gloves, plenty of water and come ready to get dirty!  Trail building normally involves clearing brush and grass, moving small rocks and digging to the dirt level of the ground surface.  All abilities are welcome – there’s a vast array of projects and types of work available.


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