Waldorf Astoria: Cribs Edition

When I told people about my “gig,” naturally they were envious.  However, it was wasn’t until I mentioned that, as part of the package, I get to live at the Waldorf Astoria that jaws would drop.  Simply put, it has been one of the most luxurious experiences of my life.  I go into detail about the amazing amenities in the video, but what I will hold most dear after I return to my more humble state of normalcy is how at home they have made me feel.  Piper and Caroline at the front desk, Rob and Scott in valet, Scott and Kathleen at the Golden Door Spa, Barbara in sales, Matt at the Real Estate desk, and of course Steve the General Manager and his assistant Cynthia – every member of the staff made me feel so welcome.  I will sincerely miss my Waldorf family!

It is ironic that this video is being posted during my last week. But I am still learning how to edit, and to make it appear as “Cribs-esque” as possible, and not bore you with too much content, it took far more time than I realized!  I hope you enjoy getting a little glimpse of my awesome winter accommodations!

[vimeo 22276135 495 350]


  1. DavidSameuls says

    Nice! I’m a bit jealous we didn’t get the tour of your suite! Nice job Dr.Dre

    If you get a chance check in with the Rowmark crew, they need all the prayers we can send to Scotty V and Hank.

    Good to see you last week, let us know when you’re in MN.

    Take Care,


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