Vail Resorts Echo Grant to People’s Health ...

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “thousands of children suffer from undetected vision problems that can have a significant impact on quality of life and, left untreated, lead to permanent vision loss and delayed development. While most schools provide students with vision screening, children from low-income families without vision insurance often lack the means to access the follow-up care they need.” Now, thanks to a generous grant to the People’s Health Clinic from Vail Resorts Echo Charitable Giving Fund, school age children in Summit and Wasatch Counties will have access to the vision services they desperately need.

The People’s Health Clinic will use the grant funds in partnership with local optometrists to provide full eye examinations to uninsured students identified by the schools as needing further evaluation. If a child needs glasses, grant funds will make it possible for them to be purchased through partnering agencies. Each child will be given instruction on caring for their new glasses as well as the importance of wearing them every day. Says Clinic Executive Director Nann Worel, “the number one referral we get from local schools is for vision services. Local resources for uninsured children have been very limited in the past and, for many of the families we serve, glasses for their children have been unaffordable. We are thrilled that Vail Resorts Echo will be partnering with us in 2014 to ensure that over 200 local uninsured children have the eye care they need to succeed in school.”

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