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Twin Tips: Skiing with Friends

One of the things that we love to do is ski with friends. We just finished a day where each of us brought a friend to the mountain, and we met a new one while there. The five of us skied together and had an awesome day with clear skies and perfect weather.

Here are some Twin Tips for having a fun day skiing with friends:

  • Use Canyon’s Epic Mix app to track your day. With this fee app you can track which runs you’ve skied, how many miles you’ve covered and your total vertical feet. You can have contests with your friends to see who covers the most distance.
  • Film each other and make a ski movie: We like to use our GoPro to record our best jumps and runs of the day, and then go home and make a movie of the day with music and effects.
  • Host a trick contest is a terrain park. You can have a prize for it like the winner gets free lunch and everyone else has to pay for it.
  • Set a meeting place. If you are skiing with a big group you make lose a person or two along the way. What we do is set a specific place and time to meet so everyone can get back together.
  • Eat a burrito! You have to try the 4000 Acre Burrito. This thing is a beast – it’s 2 ½ feet long and will probably feed 10 people. And it’s delicious. You can get one and share it with all your friends. It’s available at the Red Tail Grill at the bottom of the Orange Bubble lift.

Red Tail Grill 4000 Acre Burrito







We hope these tips are helpful. If you have other ideas for fun things to do with friends please let us know in the comments below. We are always looking for new ideas.


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