Twin Tips: Guide to Terrain Parks

This is Jacob and I want to tell you about the awesome terrain parks at Canyons. They have great jumps and jibs, rails to grind on, boxes to slide on, natural half pipes to do tricks in…they are a lot of fun.

I remember the first time I went into the terrain parks I was a little nervous. If you are comfortable with blue runs and don’t mind falling when you make a mistake, you should give the terrain parks a try. Follow these Terrain Park Tips and you’ll have a great time.

  1. Wait your turn: Most of the time there will be a few skier and boarders lined up at the entrance to the terrain park. Just take your spot in line and go when it’s your turn. Also, call out when you are going so someone else does not start at the same time. While you are in line it’s a good time to turn on your GoPro if you have one.
  2. Ride through the park once before you do anything: Each terrain park will have several jumps and obstacles. Some are really hard, and some are meant for people that are learning. If you ride through the park once you’ll get a feel for which jumps to hit and which to skip.
  3. Go with a friend: If you are hitting the park for the first time chances are good that you’ll fall. That’s OK – lots of people fall. If you ski the park with a friend they can help direct other skiers around you as you collect your gear and get back up.
  4. Get some speed for the big jumps: I love hitting the big jumps – my sister made the video below of me hitting a big jump in the Painted Horse Progression Park. To do the big jumps make sure you have enough speed. These jumps have both “take off” and “landing” ramps. You want to have enough speed to fly over the area in between. And don’t lean back! My little brother likes to follow me in the terrain park, and when he went off his first big jump he leaned back so far that he did a backflip.
  5. Practice: It takes time to get good at a trick. Once you master something you can do things to make it even cooler. I’m now pretty good at hitting the big jumps, so now I try to add a tail grab. Once I get good at that I want to try to add a 360. It’s fun to see how good you can get with practice.

I hope you enjoy your time in the parks. If you see me out there please say hi. If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below and I’ll do our best to answer.

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