Twin Tips for Getting You Back on The Slopes

Hi, we are Jacob and Anna and have been skiing at Canyons since we could walk.  Literally.  :-)  This is one of the great parts about living in Utah.  We are twin 7th graders and love to ski the trees, the terrain parks and the POWDER.  That’s why we call ourselves the PowderTwins.  We are going to be telling you about all the great things you can do at Canyons…from our 13 year old point of view.  We are calling these our “TwinTips” and we hope you like them.

Most of you are getting ready for your first trip to the mountain this year.  We did that this weekend, and it was so awesome.  Canyons got more than 2 feet of new snow this week so it’s the perfect time to start skiing again.  We created a short video to show you some of this.

We have listed below some TwinTips for getting you skiing again this season.  These are “make your day great” tips, so follow these for an Epic day on the mountain:

  1. Get your gear ready the night before, especially the first time you go this season.  Find you neck gators, gloves, base layers — all the stuff that’s been hiding for 6 months.  Put it all on to make sure it still fits, and if it doesn’t, ask nicely for an early Christmas present.
  2. It’s easier to stay warm than get warm. Wear a lot of layers, and you can always take some off.  But don’t take off your gloves on the lift because only two things can happen.  One, you freeze your fingers off.  Two, you drop your glove off the lift and then you freeze your fingers off.  Neither is good.  :-)
  3. Get lunch before noon or after 1:30.  Never go when everyone else goes so you avoid the zombie apocalypse when everyone wants to sit at the same tables.  Hit the terrain parks while everyone is at lunch and have the jumps to yourself.
  4. Make sure that you and your siblings have hand warmers. It’s a major bummer to leave the mountain early because your little brothers fingers are cold.
  5. On your first day out it’s totally OK to take a break.  We skied our first few runs, then grabbed some hot chocolate at the Red Pine Lodge.  They have have self service whipped cream and marshmellows, so load up on them!  We did — check out the picture.

  1. Always try to keep your siblings happy. This makes for a much better ski day.  Your parents too — reply to their texts quickly so they don’t worry.  This way they will let you ski wherever you want on the mountain.


We hope this helps.  If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer.

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