Top 5 at Canyons

So now that the holiday season has passed us (and I hope it was enjoyable for everyone with the 6+ ft of snow we got in December!), it’s time for us to really, truly explore Canyons Resort.  I am fortunate enough that I ski here quite a bit, so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 favorite things about Canyons!


1. For a fabulous lunch way out on the south side of the Resort, there is no better stop than Cloud Dine, on the top of DreamScape and DreamCatcher Lifts.  Ethereal ambiance and fresh, delicious dining make this a great spot to rest your legs and catch lunch.  I recommend the flatbread pizzas that bring me back to my World Cup skiing days in Italy- somehow they make truly authentic European style, thin crust pizza at almost 10,000 feet without a road in sight.  If you are a fan of heartier fare, there are plenty of options for you as well with  fries and sandwiches.  One insider tip- if you are not a fan of crowds or lines, but want to try Cloud Dine, plan your day around an earlier or later lunch.  It is a hugely popular spot between 11:30 and 1:30, so plan your mealtime at either end of the lunch rush.  However, if you do end up there in traffic, make sure you are in the right line- sandwiches and fries go to the left as you walk in and flatbreads go to the right.  It can all appear to be a little confusing so just ask someone what they are waiting for and you will get the deal.  Also, if you care for one of Cloud Dine’s delicious (and filling) salads go straight to the middle- rarely is there a line, so you can sort of maneuver in.

2. If off-piste skiing is your forte and you are having trouble finding light, fluffy freshies later in the day, scout out runs that are either north facing like The Pines off Saddleback Express or protected like Mystic Pine off Peak Five.  I cannot make any promises, but you might be able to find a stash here or there after a big storm.  Another place to scope is Condor Woods since it is so far north, but I warn you that the trees can get pretty tight in there.

3. The après scene at Canyons is almost as varied as the ski terrain.  Your first stop should be ski beach- looking up Doc’s run you can take in the last skiers of the day while catching a few rays in the beach loungers sans helmet and goggles.  Then there are some questions to be asked, luckily with no wrong answers.  Beers and Burgers?  Head to the Umbrella Bar- ski boots and goggle tans although not mandatory, are welcomed- this is for the enthusiasts that are set on wearing their ski boots until 7pm.  Glass of wine and easy ambience?  The Farm is for you.  With an award-winning wine collection and a gourmet menu (while still affordable) you can hang at the bar or take your goodies outside.  Margaritas and insanely good short-rib nachos?  Look for Red Tail Grill.  Incredible deck and creative southwestern cuisine make this a popular spot for people-watching, as it is right on Ski Beach.

4. Here is the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up plan: ride Saddleback Lift up and then take a hard left to enter The Aspens.  As you dodge through the aspen groves all sluggishness will (out of survival) be forgotten and (out of delight) disappear.  Popping out of the trees you will find yourself at the foot of Bruges Waffles, a little shack adjacent to High Meadow Lift.  As a reward for your hard work, treat yourself to the heavenly chocolate-filled Torpedo Waffle; it is positively decadent and well worth the leg burner it took to get you there!  Truly finger licking good- trust me, I’ve seen even the most proper of ladies unable to resist.

5. For a truly unique culinary excursion, try lunch at Lookout Cabin. It is located right at the midway stop of the luxurious Orange Bubble Express, and is sit-down, table service dining.  Lookout Cabin’s deck provides some of the best views anywhere in Park City, and no better place to dine on a warm, bluebird day.  You may even catch a few adventurous guests zip across the canyon on the 2,000 ft Zip Tour!   Everything on the menu is sublime, but I urge groups to start with the fondue and at least one truffle Mac and Cheese for everyone to share- they are the perfect beginning to a meal you will certainly remember.


Do you guys agree? Share some of your favorite spots below!


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