Photo Credit: Becky Rosenthal

‘Tis The Season For Summer Cocktails

Summit Solstice. Photo Credit: Becky Rosenthal

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Utah gets a bad rap when it comes to booze. At The Farm, we’re doing our best to change that by crafting some of the finest seasonal cocktails this side of the Mississippi. Naturally, when the SLC Foodie dropped by for dinner, we convinced her to quaff a few cocktails. Little did we know that said cocktails would “almost steal the show.” Now it’s your turn to take a big sip of Canyons cocktail knowledge courtesy of the SLC Foodie.
“I tried the most unusual one, the Phat Beetz, a bright pink cocktail made with pickled beet puree, ginger liquor and tanqueray, a blend that easily grew on me as I slowly sipped on it.”
Check out Becky’s thoughts on the selection of cocktails she sipped on – Cocktails at The Farm
At Canyons, we think sharing is caring. Even when it comes to cocktails. With that in mind, we released our recipe for the Phat Beetz Cocktail to Becky so that she could share with you.

Phat Beetz Cocktail. Photo Credit: Becky Rosenthal

Drink up buttercup.
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    • Joe says

      Thanks, Becky! Every time I look at those photos I get a craving for a cocktail. How did the homemade version turn out?

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