Tips to enjoy hiking at Canyons Resorts

Tips for Hiking in the Mountains

Hiking is a fantastic way to spend time outside, enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and explore Canyons Resort. We’ve put together these hiking tips to make your experience fun and safe.


There are 12 trails at the resort, 3 designated hiking only and 9 mixed use, of varying degrees of difficulty and distance. Review the Resort Summer Trail Map before you head out.  It’s often best to avoid hiking in exposed areas without shade between 10am and 2pm, when the sun is harshest.


When choosing clothing opt for light-weight moisture-wicking fibers, like nylon and high-performance polyester. Here are some tips for outfitting young hikers.

Wear the appropriate type of footwear for the distance and difficulty of your hike. Hiking boots offer substantial support and protection and are best suited for longer hikes. Most day hikers select trail shoes because they offer moderate support, weight less, and are more breathable. Make sure to select a hiking sock based on your shoe choice. Hiking socks from brands like SmartWool are constructed of breathable fibers.




Be sun savvy. Utah sunshine is so intense that being outdoors without sunscreen or protective eyewear is not recommended. Ultraviolet rays are more powerful at higher elevations. Sunglasses are important not only for UV protection, but also protection from the wind which can make it hard to see objects around you.


Always carry more water than you think you will drink. A good rule of thumb is to carry ½ liter for each mile you plan to hike. It’s also smart to carry pocket snacks to keep your energy up.

Mountain weather changes quickly and there is usually at least a 10 degree temperature difference from the bottom to the top of the lifts. Be prepared. Always carry extra warm and waterproof layers.

If you want to be introduced to the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, Canyons has a great guided hiking program. Whether you’re looking for a family friendly tour of our mountain, a hike with breathtaking scenery, or an intense workout, a guide will create a custom trekking experience that will exceed your expectations.



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