The Wood Brothers

Maybe you’ve heard of The Wood Brothers and maybe you haven’t. But if you are one of those unfortunate few who haven’t, you’re certainly part of a dwindling number as this pair of brothers is quickly making a name for themselves. From playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week to dropping a new album, Live, Volume 2: Nail & Tooth, earlier this week, these boys are busy. Being that they’re making their way to Utah to close out our Summer Concert series this Saturday, I managed to sneak in a few questions with Chris and Oliver. To really get to know The Wood Brothers, here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Read the questions and answers below.
  2. Visit their website, www.thewoodbros.com, and get to know their music.
  3. Come out and enjoy their tunes live, and for FREE, this Saturday (9/1/2012) at Canyons.

You guys are brothers. But I read in your bio that it took 15+ years of you both doing your own thing before you joined forces. Why so long?
We’re not sure why it took so long. But whatever the reason, it feels perfect the way it turned out. Our time apart was for us to season, as musicians and as people. When we got back together we were these fully formed adults with strong musical identities, and it was exciting to join forces in that stage of our lives.

Do you think the separate paths you took helped you become the duo that you are today?
Definitely. It was good for us to go our own way for a while – independent from each other and not in competition or direct influence – then get together after the “dues paying” part so we could be ourselves and create together.

Your music is a sweet mix of blues, folk, country, roots and bluegrass. If you were to name a couple of artists who you look up to or have influenced your music, who would you pick? 
Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles, Hank Williams, Taj Mahal, Charled Mingus….This list could go on for a while.

Originally from Boulder, CO, have you ever performed in Utah? What about Park City?
We have played in Utah. But only one show last year in Salt Lake City. 

Chris, how did your experience with Medeski Martin & Wood shape how The Wood Brothers are today?
It taught me how to be in a band which is kind of like a family.  You do what ever needs to be done to make the group work.  Then there is the music…

Your band has a classic sound. Who are you listening to now that you would say is similar or that you enjoy listening to?
I don’t know about similar…but Bob Marley, Dr John, African street music, Shovels and Rope.

When you’re not touring or working on your next album, what do you guys spend your time doing?
Raising kids, gardening, honey do lists…

If you can’t get enough of The Wood Brothers, here’s where you can find them:

Twitter: @TheWoodBrothers
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/TheWoodBrothers
YouTube: www.youtube.com/TheWoodBros

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