Have helmet-cam, will ski.

The SitSki Diaries – Silverado Bowl

It has been such an amazing time so far here at Canyons Resort. Getting to know the mountain has been my biggest priority because, to be honest, I still keep getting lost in the huge amount of terrain here. So, rather than ‘suffer’ in silence I decided to make it a feature of this blog and have you ride along with me as I learn my way around and find my new favorite runs.

With the help of a helmet cam, you’ll be able to see things from my point of view as I tour the mountain and hopefully progress as a skier throughout the season. I’m normally a dedicated blue run kind of guy. The extra weight from 40lbs of metal and fibreglass that make up my sitski means that I have a love/hate relationship with gravity. As soon as I point the ski downhill on steeper pitches I can easily build up more speed than I’m comfortable with. So, on those steeper pitches you’ll see me traversing a lot just to keep my speed down. Hopefully, throughout the season I’ll work my way up to some of the more technical runs on steeper terrain and have some decent footage from 9990.

Today the video is pure fun, sponsored by the recent dump of snow that brought us about 8 inches of fresh powder all over the mountain. That love/hate relationship with gravity comes back into play again and the added weight from my sitski, coupled with me riding on just one ski, can see me sink into the fresh snow and lose speed on anything without a decent gradient. So, riding up on the brand new Orange Bubble Express I couldn’t help but notice how enticing Silverado Bowl looked and decided to do a few laps in the freshies.

Powder skiing in a sitski is more fun than a clown on a sugar-rush. The entire thing acts as a snow plow and you’ll see me get faceshots all the way down. Faceshots do NOT suck!

[vimeo 19868099 495 350]

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