The SitSki Diaries – Powder Faceshots on Chimera

Just a quick video from yesterday’s amazingly fun powder conditions here at Canyons Resort. I love punching through piles of fresh powder in the sitski! Being so much closer to the snow means I’m constantly getting splashed in the face with the fresh stuff!

As soon as the Orange Bubble Express opened, I joined the other powderhounds excitedly trying to plan where to go for fresh tracks in more than ten inches of the “Greatest Snow on Earth” (did anyone in Park City go to work yesterday?). Clear blue skies over fresh powder is a perfect combination to make me more excited than a box full of puppies at dinner time. I ended up blasting down Chimera, directly underneath Dreamcatcher with my GoPro helmet camera running to catch the stoke, and the faceshots.

This should give you a good idea of just how much fun it is to ski sitting down in powder (i.e. ridiculously fun). This essentially sums up why I ski:

[vimeo 20812751 495 350]

Chimera is a fairly narrow run at the top, graded as a black diamond, which then opens up into the amazing open meadows shown on the Canyons Trail Map as Fools Paradise. It’s great fun and gives you the option of riding open slopes or aspen groves. Give it a try!


  1. MagicMan says

    Love the reflection off the goggles so we can see what you see, then BOOM! over head blower.

    So sick, way to get some Andy.

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