The SitSki Diaries – Powder days are happy days

Everyone loves powder days, especially at Canyons Resort where there is so much terrain you can claim fresh tracks all day long! The recent storm brought in some of the lightest snow I’ve ever skied making yesterday, without a doubt, one of the single best days I’ve had skiing since I started five years ago.

Powder skiing in a sitski is a blast! Having my feet out in front and just a few inches above the ski means they act like some kind of snowplow, channeling all that fresh powder into my face and over my head. I can’t help but laugh and giggle with each cold, fresh faceshot, hollering out my thanks and approval to the mountain as I slide and plow down the slopes. This is what skiing is all about for me. Being up on a mountain with the freedom to go wherever I want and having more fun than I can have anywhere else. It really doesnt get much better than this.

I shot all this yesterday right here at Canyons. Here is a quick edit to show you how insanely fun it is to ski powder in a sitski!

[vimeo 20235328 495 350]


  1. Steve says

    Andy, 2 cameras or 2 diferent runs with the same camera ounted differently? In either ase, great editing the shots together!

  2. Steve says

    Must proof read comments:

    Andy, 2 cameras or 2 diferent runs with the same camera mounted differently? In either case, great editing the shots together!

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