The SitSki Diaries – Get Back

After all the fun of Saturday’s Pond Skimming and Sprig Gruv concert, it’d be easy to get a little depressed thinking about  the season, and my stay here, coming to an end. The sight of melting snow always fills me with a mild panic, reminding me that I’m not going to be able to ski everyday and that I should get up the mountain to enjoy it while I still can. Spring Gruv is all about celebrating a great season and finishing it off in style. And with the party in full swing, it’s easy to think that there’s not much skiing left. But on Sunday I got the perfect antidote to any spring-depression and was reminded why Canyons has extended their season until April 17. Powder!

Skiing fresh powder with bluebird skies has to be one of the best things in the world! Everything in this video is taken from the GoPro helmet camera footage I shot on Sunday morning. It looks like December but it’s the end of March and helped keep my end-of-the-season panic at bay for a little while longer!

[vimeo 21656116 495 350]


  1. Steve says

    Andy, to often overused, but not in this case, “Awesome”! For those who haven’t been skiing with Andy, don’t miss the opportunity!!! I spent two days with him on the slops and in the powder. Make it happen! You have less than 3 weeks . . . Get to the Canyons and hook up with Andy! He’s a nicer guy than he is a GREAT skier! He’s a GREAT skier!!!! ( a better guy!!!!!)

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