How to pack the perfect picnic

The Art of Packing a Picnic

One of my favorite things about summer is attending outdoor concerts. Park City offers live outdoor music almost every night of the week. You can thank the efforts of Mountain Town Music for that. And, of course, the venues that so graciously host all of us music lovers.

Last Saturday, my boys and I were treated to the sounds of Karl Denson and the Tiny Universe at Canyons Resort. You couldn’t have picked a better night to gather with friends and family to dine alfresco and listen to some jamming tunes. We packed a picnic, spread out our blanket and got our boogie on.

Packing a picnic for an outdoor concert can be overwhelming. It’s easy to just grab a hodgepodge of food and before you know it, you’ve weighed yourself down with too much or forgotten an essential part. Here are my few tips for packing a successful picnic.

1. Food that is conducive to walking around and mingling is the way to go. Think sandwiches and wraps and other portable eats. I want to visit with friends, go up front to dance and I’m much less constricted if I can take my dinner with me.

2. Simple, simple, simple. If I can avoid lugging silverware and extra dishes, I’m all for it. I like to pack easy to eat foods like cheese and crackers and shrimp cocktail that I can eat with my hands sans silverware. A napkin is all you need!

3. Food that can be served cold or at room temperature is best. Instead of packing ice packs, I like to freeze water bottles that can double as hydration too. Put them in the sun and they’ll melt in no time!

4. Proper packing. This might seem like common sense but I think it’s worth mentioning. Pack heavy items on the bottom of the cooler or bag. Mason jars do it all- they’re great for packing food and I really love them for making specialty drinks. The tight fitting lid makes them spill proof and they get extra credit for being reusable. Tupperware that closes tightly makes a great choice for packing food as do ziplock bags. Pack the cooler in order that you plan to eat. Dessert on the bottom, apps on top etc.

5. Cookies and fresh fruit make the ideal dessert. They’re easy to prepare ahead, easy to eat with your hands and even easier to share. Everyone loves cookies!!

6. Don’t forget the clean up gear. Pack an extra bag to stash trash and bring some hand wipes to wash off sticky faces and messy fingers.

Hope to see you at one of the Canyons Free Saturday Concert. Come say hi, I’ll have cookies!cookie

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