Speech Bubble Sunday on the Ski Beach

The Ski Beach here at Canyons Resort is definitely the place to be for apres-ski. Come three o’clock it’s a vibrant mix of skiers and boarders meeting up after a great day on the slopes. The vibe is almost carnival-like as riders celebrate making turns and shredding the gnar with high-fives and beers, parents pick up excited children from lessons to hear how their day went, and “Dude, that was so much fun!” is a catch-all greeting.

I love hanging out on the Ski Beach after a day on the hill and sharing the stoke. There are so many different people drawn to Canyons from so many different places. It is fun to just sit and watch the world go by or ask a complete stranger how their day went. I can’t begin to write about how excited and happy everyone is after a great day skiing with blue skies, so I headed out with a camera and a chalkboard and asked people to write whatever they wanted.

Those last two won’t make much sense to anyone other than “Big Sims”, who’s recovering from a broken leg. Your friends were shredding the gnar for you, get well soon!


  1. Kaylin says

    Awesome pics, Andy! I love the speech bubble- different phrases, but more or less, the same messages that convey what a great time they each had. Brilliant!

  2. Tammy says

    We had a great time at the Canyons. We live in Houston and don’t get much snow, so it was special for Gabby to ski and have fun in the snow. She was even more excited to see her picture on the website when we got home!

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