SLC Foodie Reviews Slopes

Canyons Resort hides a lot of the finest restaurants in Park CitySlopes Restaurant is tucked away at the Waldorf Astoria with only a small sign in the back of the lobby.  But that small sign leads you to a grand restaurant, with a small-but-well-thought-out menu, and highly knowledgeable staff.  As we walked through the lobby to the restaurant, the first thing to catch out eye was the glimmering ice bar, right outside the restaurant windows.  This extravagant sculpture was imported from Alaska due to the level of high clarity in ice that comes from there.  So, from the start, we knew details wouldn’t be overlooked at this meal.

A few moments after being seated, a beautiful plate of bread arrived. A small loaf of multigrain bread, still warm from the oven, with perfectly churned butter, and a small mound of sea salt mixed with goji berries to adorn the top of your buttered slice. The goji berries added a slight-yet-enjoyable tartness to my bites of bread.

We saw more attention to detail in their lack of waste.  For instance, the butternut squash puree that is served under the mushroom ravioli is also used as a soup base for their signature winter soup. With a small menu, they’ve clearly thought out how to make best use of each high quality ingredient that they source. Speaking of the mushroom ravioli, that dish is a must try if you find yourself wandering into the Waldorf Astoria for dinner. It’s sauced in a sage brown butter truffle glaze and the stuffed pasta is surrounded by bright edamame, and a mix of sautéed mushrooms.

The cheese found throughout their menu was also carefully selected.  Each variety comes from a local source. We especially enjoyed the Kings Peak fontina atop our salad of pears, dried tart mulberries, sweet gooseberries, candied pecans.  A salad combination I so enjoyed that I kept asking the waiter to leave my remaining bites at the table so I could continue to savor each bite.

We also tried the Elk Carpaccio, a thin slice of earthy meal dusted with juniper and served with a quail egg, gold Creek Parmesan, and drizzled with a honey vinaigrette.

Then, the main event – entrees. Pine Roasted Chicken with crispy polenta bites, brussels and mushrooms couldn’t be overlooked as well as the Koodherem Steelhead Trout with roasted cauliflower, garlic broccolini, served with a mountain of oregano emulsion poured table side.  The fact that they made the emulsion sauce fresh and poured it table side only continues my view of their thoughtfulness at Slopes.

On this evening we tasted a dessert that we enjoyed so much that we’ve already tried to simulate it at home.  We ordered the warm butterscotch pudding, which comes rustically served in a small pot on a hot rock keeping it piping hot all served with bite-sized cubes of pound cake, a miniature glass jar filled with whipped cream and a tiny pitcher of caramel sauce.  This hands-on dessert made kids of both of us, as we melted in our seats with every bite.

Sometimes what stands out for a restaurant is not a big sign guiding you to its front doors or a lot of marketing around town, but instead it’s the thought and detail put into every dish they prepare.  Soon enough word will spread and the big signs and marketing plans won’t be needed, a simple taste will draw the crowds!

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