Pocket Snacks for the Kiddos

Keeping your energy up on the mountain is vital. I know all too well how easy it is to choose blue bird laps in lieu of lunch. From one ski bum to another, it’s a respectable decision but one that can be a gamble. Staying hydrated and fueled is key to not only staying warm but staying safe as well. When we’re tired and hungry it’s too easy to make silly mistakes.  Avoiding the crash and burn is simple: pack your pockets with easy snacks!

I’ve learned the art of the pocket snacks thanks to my two boys.  If you’ve ever skied with kids you know what I’m talking about. Hunger is often the difference between a happy skier or snowboarder and the kid that’s on the side of the run in full on meltdown mode.  Stay ahead of the hunger game and feed yourself and the littles a snack every few runs.

Not everything makes a great snack on the mountain. You want foods that can withstand the cold weather, won’t get too smashed in your jacket, and are easy and quick to eat on the lift. I often combine snacks to include protein and a quick sugar boost- like a clementine and a handful of almonds. Or a piece of string cheese and a pouch of apple sauce. I tend to stick to crispy granola bars as the soft ones harden up in the cold. Bananas are an absolute no no and individual trail mix packets (I buy them at Trader Joes) makes packing a pocket snack a no brainer.

When all else fails, chocolate is the answer. Almond and peanut butter M&M’s or a hunk of good chocolate will do wonders to get your kids down the last run of the day and I’ve never had anyone turn me down when I’m doling out chocolate on the lift. Just saying.

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