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You can never have too much of a good thing. Powder days, quality music, good movies – this mantra applies across the board. At least that’s what we here at Canyons have always thought. While we can’t control Mother Nature and her generosity when it comes to powder days, we’ve done our best to keep the good times rolling with live music and movies. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that due to the popularity of the first three screenings, we’re extending the summer film series with two additional Sundance Film Festival official selections.

From Under African Skies and Filly Brown to CSNY Déjà vu, the first three movies featured a noticeable musical flavor. While that flavor will not carry over into the next two movies, both of which are programmed by the Sundance Institute, you will still no doubt enjoy the quality, entertaining, award-winning flicks that we have lined up for the Canyons Resort Summer Series. One is a comedy. One is a love story. Both fall into the must-see category and are outlined below.

Napoleon Dynamite, August 9 – Napoleon Dynamite’s his name … don’t wear it out. From the rural town of Preston, Idaho, comes one of the most memorable screen characters in recent memory. With a tight red ‘fro, some sweet moon boots, and illegal government ninja moves, he is a new kind of hero. His family consists of fragile brother Kip, who’s seeking his soul mate in online chat rooms; Uncle Rico, who is stuck in his “glory” days of high school football; and Grandma, who enjoys going out to the dunes on her quad-runner. Napoleon spends his days drawing magical beasts, working on his computer hacking skills to impress the chicks, and begrudgingly feeding his grandma’s pet llama, “Tina.” When his friend Pedro decides to run for class president, they must rely on their knowledge of cows, piñatas, and a surprise special talent if they are to defeat the stuck-up Summer Wheatley. Directed by Jared Hess.

500 Days of Summer, August 23 - The freshness of Marc Webb’s love-me/love-me-not story is epitomized by its perfectly framed tag lines…Boy meets Girl—Boy falls in love—Girl doesn’t. What else can you say about a postmodern love story? Not only is this delightfully surprising dissection of a romance structured so that it catches us continually off guard, but the classic tale of love unrequited is turned as topsy-turvy as a Shakespearian farce. Directed with verve, pace, and confidence by first-time filmmaker Webb and replete with Los Angeles settings that are distinctive and interesting, 500 Days of Summer never descends into ordinary romance.  The film features two dynamic performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Directed by Marc Webb.

Make sure these dates make their way in to your smart phones, folks. Then get ready to throw your favorite blanket in the car and grab your choice of beer or wine (or both) for a night of watching the stars under the stars.

The official press release announcing the extension of the Summer Film Series can be found here.

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