How do you stop that thing?

40lbs of metal and fibreglass - What goes up must come down

One of the best things about spending so much time on the slopes here at Canyons Resort is meeting all of the people getting away for vacations, many for their first time on snow. It is always nice to see people’s amazement at the mountains and share their excitement on a chairlift ride back up for another run. Conversations with complete strangers come easily on a chairlift, and for those who are new to skiing the topic always turns to my sitski and how it works. Naturally, the one question I get asked the most is, “How do you stop that thing?!”  

Skiing sitting down is not as difficult as it might seem. The dynamics of controlling a ski remain the same. I lay the ski over onto the edge and let the ski carve a nice turn. Gravity is always a big help in getting down the hill, something that happens a lot faster when strapped into 40 pounds of metal and fiberglass. And stopping is the same on one ski as it is on two. The difficulty comes when going back up the mountain.  

My sitski is fitted with a mechanism that extends the frame for loading onto a chairlift. All I do is get in front of the chair, lift myself up and the chairlift scoops me up and whisks me away.  

[vimeo 20318135 495 350] 

Then, once at the top, I essentially throw myself off the chair and ski away.  

[vimeo 20318054 495 350] 

The way down is definitely more fun, playing with gravity and snow. Sitting down brings me closer to the snow and a greater feeling of ground-rush as I lean the ski over and carve turns down the hill. When it comes to stopping, a hockey stop works the same with one ski or two.  

[vimeo 20317879 495 350]  

I’m on the hill everyday. If you see me, jump on the chair with me, join me for a few runs or just say hi and ask me for some sweet new Canyons stickers!


  1. Ashlee Loutensock says

    It was awesome to have the opportunity to see you on the slopes the other day and spend some time talking! I was rooting for you the minute you entered in the contest and have been loving reading your articles since. Running into you and matching your charismatic personality with your inspirational story was an honor. :)
    You rock that sitski!


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