Head Over Heels

As many of you know, Canyons Resort has been having a stellar season.  It is almost as if every time someone mentions, “It would be really nice to get a storm,” the snow gods faithfully answer.  There have been multiple days that can be described as incredible. And countless days that qualify as great.  Not to mention the the last two days, which easily fall under phenomenal!

Two weeks ago, there was a day that embodies exactly what I am talking about. February 8th was truly unforgettable!  I skied with a Spanish group from, a website that includes an index of all the ski areas in Europe as well as forums on each of the resorts.  I was told they considered themselves experts.  To be honest, self-proclaimed labels sometimes miss the mark, but to my delight Pepe, Ignatio, Cristina, Jorge and Jose were all fantastic skiers.

Here is a little taste of what I got to experience courtesy of the amazing GoPro.  I can’t get over what an impressive little camera it is.  It is honestly idiot proof. Seriously, if I can use it anyone can! Plus, it takes absolutely beautiful footage.  Make sure to click on the lower right hand corner and upgrade the video from 360p to 720p so that you can watch it in HD.

I was “head over heels” for many reasons that day!  But Pepe, the gentleman in the green coat, said it best – “Kaayleeen, Powder ees de most fun!” Es verdad, mi amigo!

[youtube _KpiO2rG1y4 500 350]


  1. rinjin says

    Nice video! Love the tree slalom. And the wipeout was unexpected, which was perfect. Now if you could just teach me to ski like that I’d die a happy man.

  2. T-Wrecks says

    Great day, great skiing, great sense of humor! And very professional looking. You make videos almost as well as you ski!

    • Jerome says

      Maybe you are confusing the poles with the song in the video, which is from 1985?
      You probably aren’t that familiar with the poles as they are favorites on the World Cup ski tour and based on the person wielding them, it is entirely possible they appeared in the Oympics as well. Maybe what you meant to say was, “2010 called, they want their poles back.” The video is practically ski film quality. All I can decipher from your random hatin’ is that you must have recently received a call from the 90’s yourself, as that is when I remember your “X called, they want their Y back” quip being popular on Satuday Night Live.

  3. Kaylin says

    Whoa, I love friendly banter, but let’s not get carried away! Jerome, you’re right those poles have graced the world cup, and accordingly, may look a little out of place in the powder. Maybe that is what Gerry was referring to. More vids to come, hope you enjoy them!

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