Hanging with “The Travel Detective”

This Saturday, Canyons Resort is going to be featured on Peter Greenberg‘s radio show, Peter Greenberg Worldwide.  As America’s most recognized, honored and respected travel journalist, it is fitting that he goes by the moniker “The Travel Detective.”   It is a gross understatement to say that the guy is busy – he travels over 400,000 miles a year – he is beyond busy.  When Peter isn’t galavanting about the globe for his radio series, he is the CBS Travel Editor and regularly contributes to The Early Show and the CBS Evening News.  

Peter Greenberg

Radio is a medium that I can really get behind because it supports the virtue of verbosity.  Ok, being talkative is not a virtue. But if it were, I might have a shot at sainthood! Nevertheless, I feel an affinity for radio.  Not surprisingly, due to his life’s work chatting with people, I also felt an instant kinship with Peter.  It is refreshing not to be the most long-winded person in the room.  And Peter, if you happen to read this, I mean that with the utmost respect.  Unlike me, Peter fills the silence with interesting narratives and useful facts.  

The magic of radio appears to dumbfound me

Peter Greenberg Worldwide is recorded at a different locale every week – and I mean very different!  Last week he was in the Bahamas. This week it’s coming to you from Utah.  In my personal opinion Canyonsski beach, sitting at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, gives any white sand beach a run for its money!  

The show runs three hours and includes monologues, q&a’s via email, and of course, guest interviews.  Four Canyons personalities were featured: UMG winner Andy Campell, Chef John Murcko, wilderness guide and naturalist Chas Rauch, and myself.  We each talked about our respective fields of expertise and truly had a great time talking with Peter.  Before every interview, Peter looked each one of us in the eye and said, “It’s just you and me having a conversation.”  That is what I believe makes his show such a huge success – getting an authentic glimpse of an area through the people that live there and love it.  

Chef Murcko working the airwaves

After the show wrapped, Peter invited Andy and I to dine with him and his producer at The Farm.  Naturally, Andy and I heartily agreed to join.  During our meal, Peter regaled us with stories from his sojourns.  He talked of his days at the University of Wisconsin and hanging out with Bonnie Raitt. But the most memorable were of how he surreptitiously coerced world leaders to temporarily ignore protocol while shooting The Royal Tour, a show that features various heads of state giving Peter a personal tour of their country.  

My favorite anecdote he shared was during his jaunt in Mexico.  Peter, to the chagrin of the Mexican secret service, goaded President Felipe Calderon to scale a seriously sacred and steep pyramid.  As if that weren’t enough, when they piled back into the presidential helicopter, Peter managed to get the pilot to do a hair raisingly close fly-by of the pyramid for the perfect cinematic shot to finish their day. Super professional or super ballsy?  Whatever your opinion, I’m sure it was super entertaining!  

A world-weary traveler Peter Greenberg clearly is not.  Even after countless hours in an airplane seat, he still loves seeking out the unique intricacies of every corner of the globe, and is passionate about helping others experience these secrets for themselves.  

As we all parted ways, Peter left me with two very profound bits of wisdom: Don’t let school get in the way of your education, and don’t let work get in the way of your life.  Taking it from a guy that has been around the block once or twice, I think those are pretty sound words to live by.  

The speech bubble makes an appearance

You can listen to Canyons’ edition of Peter Greenberg Worldwide online starting this Saturday April 2nd 10AM- 1PM EST. Or, find out when it is being aired on a local station by checking Peter Greenberg’s radio station finder.  Lastly, a special thanks to Andy Campbell for taking the great pics – cheers!

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