2011 Sundance

Guest Post – Sundance 2013

My departure for Park City and the Sundance Film Festival is just a day away and I can hardly wait!  While I wish my beautiful travel buddy wife could join me (she is a dedicated high school English teacher and has mid-term exams to give and grade), I am thrilled to be sharing this experience with my mom who I helped turn into an independent film buff and who now can’t get enough indie films.

Erin (sister-in-law), Gail (mother) and Elizabeth (wife) brave the snow for Sundance 2011.

This is not my nor my mothers first Sundance Film Festival and this is actually the third year in a row we have made it a family get together.  While we are out in Park City we are meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law from San Francisco and my dad will be joining us a day later (though I think he will be occupying Canyons, enjoying the fluffy Wasatch white as opposed to the screening rooms most of the weekend).  We are going to do an entire movie day as a family on Saturday which has been fun in the past.

Bluebird day at Canyons Resort

We were very happy to get tickets to most of the screenings we wanted  like The East, The World According to Dick Cheney, Sound City, and some Shorts Programs.  The only movie we couldn’t get tickets to was The Summit so we will have to wait-list that one, but what is a Sundance Film Festival without having to wait-list for at least one movie ;-)

In the waitlist line

Besides seeing some great films (13 screenings to be exact); I am looking forward to the Artist At The Table event, dinner with the family at The Farm, and my gorgeous hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria Park City.  (I hope I can find time to take a soak in their outdoor hot tub:-)

Things will start to kick into high gear when my our Southwest flights land at Chicago Midway and my mom and I join to board the same Salt Lake City bound airplane.  I may try to post during the festival, but will be sure to do a de-brief of my Sundance Film Festival experience when I get home Monday night.  Meanwhile, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@SeanColahan) and Instagram (Sean Colahan) where I will be tweeting and posting during the festival.



Sean Colahan’s love of independent film, documentaries, and the Sundance FIlm Festival began when he was studying Television/Video Production at Ithaca College. During the winter of 2002 he was chosen to be one of the many college students to work the Salt Lake Olympics in television production. During his time at the Olympics, he was introduced to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time. Since 2002, Sean has attended five other Sundance Festivals, many coinciding with his family’s ski trips to Salt Lake City and Park City.  While Sean hasn’t made any documentaries since college, he does work as a television news video journalist for New England Cable News in Boston. He also runs the travel concierge site MyTripGeek.com and recently started producing video content for MilePoint TV  (milepoint.com and youtube.com/milepointtv).  In addition to documentaries and independent film, Sean’s other interests include skiing, wine, food, sailing, airplanes, and world travel (many of which he enjoys with his lovely wife Elizabeth.)  He is looking forward to attending this year’s Sundance Film Festival and is excited to be a guest of the Sundance Institute as a contest winner.


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