Farewell But Not Good Bye

Eleven hours and two red bulls later, I am back in southern California. The solo road trip is a time for reflection, and after three months of the best gig ever I had plenty to ponder. Not only did I get to ski most every day, but it was one of the best snow years in recent memory. There are so many memories that I will treasure. Originally, I would have guessed that most of them would consist of face shots and powder days, of which there were many. However, it was sharing the sport that I love with awesome people that I tend to think of most fondly.

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Last day- Hooray for a fantastic season!

Me and Murdock the Moose

Coming from a tiny 175 foot vertical mole hill in Minnesota has always left me wanting for a home mountain.  Hyland Hills will forever be where I started from and for that I am grateful, but it will not suffice as a “mountain.”   After ten years traversing the world’s mountains as a ski racer and my first season after proverbially “hanging them up,” I finally found my home mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range.  Canyons has it all: the most wonderful, fluffy snow on earth, killer terrain for every level, accommodations catering to each preference, delicious food on and off the mountain, and a smile from every employee along the way.  But what really sets Canyons apart are the little touches. The mountain hosts making sure that you are having a ball, the hot chocolate waiting for you at the end of the day, the small untouched powder stash I would find two days after the storm . . . the list could go on and on.

Powder... on April 10th... no joke

I know what you’re thinking – of course the girl that was paid to live at the Waldorf and go skiing all winter is going to say Canyons is the best.  And you’re right in one respect, I got crazy hooked up this season. BUT I would never steer anyone wrong when it comes to something as dear to my heart as skiing.  Of course I would never bad mouth Canyons if it wasn’t all that; instead I would tactfully deter from any grand, sweeping comments.  Lucky for me I can sing its praises with a completely clean conscience because it really is that special of a place!

Me and the girls at Oakley's Progression Sessions

When I am skiing with a group of people, regardless of the conditions or where we are on the mountain, I gauge how great of a day it is by how many smiles there are.  I know that sounds beyond cheesy, but it’s true.  Whether we are cruising greens or dropping cornices, the more unabashed grinning, the better the day. So as I put a close to the 2010/2011 winter season I leave you with this – I look forward to sharing many more smiles in years to come at Canyons Resort, my home mountain.

Thank you to absolutely everyone at Canyons Resort that made this my most magical season ever; especially Todd, Joe, Caitlin, Dave, Linda and, of course, Jack.

An homage to the golden age of skiing


  1. Todd says


    On behalf of everyone at Canyons Resort, I would like to thank you for a great season. Your excitement and enthusiasm was truly contagious and we will miss you. I’m sure we will be seeing you down the road!


  2. Eric M says

    - and good luck and best wishes to you –

    for always writing “Canyons Resort” instead of “Canyons”

    for being a real person with a passion for live through skiing

    for being here-now and living a mindful life

    ” … we may loose or we may win,
    but we’ll never be here again
    so open up by comin’ in
    … “”

    Take It Easy –


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