Jerry and I basking in the glow of Canyons Resort

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

Sundance has officially started and it was abundantly clear with all the hustle and bustle that I awoke to yesterday morning at Canyons Resort! Extra, the entertainment and celebrity news television show, has made the Waldorf Astoria their Sundance base of operations. This afternoon I had the privilege of assisting Extra’s Jerry Penacoli while he covered all the highlights of Canyons. Before I go any further, I have to express what a pleasure it was to accompany Jerry all day. The guy has been in showbiz for 30 years and there is nothing jaded or inauthentic about him; he truly was delighted to be out in the beautiful Utah sunshine. Observing his candid appreciation of the mountains helped remind me, yet again, how blessed I am to be able to do what I do.

When we arrived at the top of DreamScape I got to showcase some of my TV chops (the little that I have) and do some standups waxing lyrical about Canyons‘ spectacular new restaurant, Cloud Dine. Becky Buchan and her team at the SLC based interior design and architecture firm did a fabulous job creating a fresh, effervescent dining experience and of course, Chef Murcko’s cuisine is world-class, so it was not hard to find highlights! Jerry’s introduction was perfection because the man is a pro and nailed it on the first take (which friends, is no small task), but ALSO because the panoramic view of the Wasatch that acted as his backdrop was beyond breathtaking.

After getting a little taste of Hollywood production, the footage fell more into my wheelhouse when Mike Goar, the General Manager of Canyons, and I got to be filmed skiing all the way down to the grand opening of Canyons’ Ski Beach. The festivities were lively with a DJ, giveaways and the apres staples (delicious morsels and beer). Everyone had a great time. Even the ones that were shivering in their swimsuits were grinning ear to ear since, due to their attire, Canyons awarded them all a free single day ticket! Kudos to all those willing to bear some skin in the middle of January all in the name of an epic powder day!

Today Canyons, Extra, and the producers of the film Win Win have come together to put on a shindig that will surely be the VIP must of the night. Musicians, celebrities, and industry insiders will convene to partake in the unique experience that Canyons and the Waldorf Astoria are so famous for creating. I believe that Extra could not have found a better home than Canyons during their brief sojourn for the film festival because it is equal parts amazing beauty, fantastic opportunity, and unparalleled luxury. And of course we love hosting them; seems to me like this is a “win, win” for everyone…

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Jerry and I basking in the glow of Canyons Resort


  1. Pete says

    I never watch Extra and guess what happened to be on when I turned on the TV this evening? And right when the Canyons story was on. They always condense what probably is hours of footage but still cool to see all the new stuff at the Canyons. Looking forward to the trip out there!

  2. Yves Guillaume says

    Hey Kaylin,
    I think you took my spot, but I’m not mad at you :). Enjoy it and breathe it in. I entered the competition as well, but knew I had no shot because of the quick and shoddy work :) I was also blessed recently with winning a competition as and adventure ambassador to South Africa with National Geographic and South African Tourism Board, so I say make the people you meet the focus of the experience. Enjoy the powder!

    • Kaylin says

      Sounds like you have a phenomenal gig of your own- Congrats! And yes, I couldn’t agree more- it is all about the wonderful people we meet along the journey.

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