Crafted Cocktails at the Farm

The Farm at Canyons Resort has rolled out a new Thursday night activity, Crafted Cocktails at The Farm.  The idea behind the event was to introduce people to the art of “mixology”, or, the art of preparing mixed drinks.  I had the pleasure of attending the first Crafted Cocktails, and let me tell you it sure is an art.  And a history lesson, for that matter. Each week, Bartender Stefan Brutsch and Manager Ryan Koemans will teach guests how to make two cocktails, one classic and one Farm created specialty cocktail.  Not only will you learn the recipe and secret tricks of the trade from bartenders themselves, but you will also learn a little history of the drinks as well as some variations to make it your own.  The Farm provides a sheet of paper to take notes, so you can go home and impress family and friends with your newfound skills and knowledge.

In the first week of Crafted Cocktails, we learned how to create two delicious drinks perfect for the summer – Mint Julep and Farm 75, a take on a French 75.  Interested in learning these cocktails? See below for the recipes, and be sure to head over to The Farm to take a mixology lesson yourself!  Every Thursday at 5:30pm, reservations are recommended. Cost is $20 for two drinks, gratuity not included.  Different cocktails to be featured each week! For more information and reservations, call The Farm at (435) 615-8080.

Mint Julep
This refreshing drink, although mostly consumed around the Kentucky Derby weekend, is a delicious and easy cocktail to be enjoyed on warm evenings all summer long.  This drink can be enjoyed by non bourbon fans alike, as it is sweet and refreshing with the bourbon adding just a smooth kick, but is by no means overwhelming.  More sugar and mint or less bourbon can be used depending on your tastes as well.

History – The mint julep originated in the American South sometime in the 1700s, although the true origin is unknown.  It is thought that since the word “julep” is typically defined as a sweet drink used as a vessel for medicine, it is thought this drink was originally used as a medicine delivery system, sort of a tonic or elixir if you will.

Recipe-  ½ tsp powdered sugar (can use granulated or simple syrup if needed), 6-7 mint sprigs, 2 ½ oz bourbon of your choice (we used Buffalo Trace Bourbon as it is a slightly sweeter style, but any bourbon will do),

Crafting – pour the sugar into the glass. Add about ½ oz of bourbon, and muddle together.  Add about 4-5 sprigs and continue to muddle.  *Muddling releases the oils and aroma of the mint.  Pour over ice. Add 2 oz of bourbon, garnish with 2 sprigs of mint, and enjoy!

Farm 75
To me, bubbly and summer go hand in hand.  This cocktail is The Farm’s version of a French 75, which is a take on a classic Gin Fizz.  While a Gin Fizz is usually topped with soda water, the Farm and French 75 uses champagne (or another sparkling wine will do) to top off the drink. Colorful, sweet, refreshing, and easy to make, this is the perfect drink to imbibe at a BBQ with friends, or while watching the orange and pink sunset over the mountains from your deck.

History – First invented in a New York Bar in Paris, the combination of the drink is said to have a kick so strong it felt like being shelled by a powerful French 75mm field gun.  Yikes!

Recipe – 1 oz gin (we used Bombay Sapphire as the bartender claims it has more of a clean gin flavor than most, but again, any will work), ½ oz fresh lemon juice- about half a lemon,  ½ oz cherry simple syrup, made from fresh cherries found at the farmer’s market at Canyons (or any fresh fruit will do), Cava (Spanish version of champagne).

Crafting – Combine gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled champagne glass. Fill with Cava.  Garnish with a cherry.

Note: one thing the bartenders mentioned was NEVER buy simple syrup.  The name itself dictates how easy it is to make.  Take one or two parts sugar and one part water, bring to a boil and stir until sugar has dissolved.  Let it cool. For The Farm version, add your fruit of choice which will give it a nice flavor and color. Simple Syrup can be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator for up to a month.

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