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Living in the heart of the resort village here at Canyons is even better than it sounds. I have a one-minute commute to ‘work’ on the snow via elevator at the Grand Summit Hotel and get to hang out in places people spend months planning to visit for their vacation. If I’m not skiing, taking photos out on the ski beach or chilling with the ski techs, then I can pretty much take my pick of places to hang out. One of the newest additions to the food and beverage scene here in the village is The Farm. Naturally, I stopped by to hang out, meet the people who keep it running, and even try my hand at some cooking.  


The food at The Farm is described as “New American.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but having met Chef John Murcko and his culinary creations before, I was confident anything on the menu would be damn tasty. I dropped by towards the end of Apres ski and before the evening rush began when I hoped things would be a little quiet and I wouldn’t get in the way. I love getting behind the scenes here at Canyons, and seeing all the work that goes into making things run smoothly. Meeting everyone when they were able to take a couple minutes to pose for photos and relax was fun. The team at The Farm is definitely warm and friendly!  


Taking advantage of the quiet time before hungry customers arrived expecting to find someone other than me in the kitchen, Chef Phillipe gave me a tour of the cooking and prep areas. He then suggested I try out a few dishes. Free food? Like I would ever turn that offer down! But there was a catch. I had to help out with the cooking, which is not exactly my specialty!  

I'm pretty sure we're both laughing at how badly I'm doing whatever I'm doing here

Thankfully, Chef Phillipe took pity on my fairly lacklustre cooking skills and helped out by whipping up dishes out of nowhere. I’m guessing it had something to do with wanting to get me out of the kitchen before I burned everything. I took the easy option and sat around watching the chefs and servers as customers arrived, different dishes emerging almost constantly. One of the cool things about the layout of The Farm is that the kitchen is right there. You actually see it as you enter and can watch the food being prepared.  








Those steaks are ridiculously awesome. Seriously. I managed to talk my way into getting one and don’t think I’ll ever recover from the certain dissapointment I’ll feel whenever I have a steak not raised on Utah grass and smoked over more of it to really seal in the flavor. I was going to get some photos of me eating it, but to be honest, eating steak like that is serious business. The last thing I was thinking about was my camera. In fact, they’re so delicious they deserve another shot:  


One of my favorite food discoveries since I’ve been in America, apart from brisket, has got to be cornbread. This needs to become widespread back home in the UK as soon as possible. I think I might start a petition or something. Soft golden cornbread paired with a meal while relaxing in the sun at the bottom of a ski hill is now one of my favorite ways to finish a great day of skiing.  




Spring is definitely here! And as the days get longer, the sun lingers out on the Ski Beach a little longer each day. Check out The Farm for the perfect spot to watch the world go by during lunch and Apres, or for a really great evening meal as the sun sets over the mountain. Just make sure I’m not the one in the kitchen!


  1. Michael Fisher says


    I have a ski vacation scheduled for the 2-9th Feb. Reading your post about the Farm inclined me to ask – who should I speak with there regarding the opportunity or interest to invest in a Tower Garden. Looking at the location I believe it is well suited and fits perfectly for our aeroponic growing systems. If they are more interested in sourcing locally then perhaps the chef could offer some names for me to chase at a later date.

    Best regards,

    • Joe says

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your interest in working with us. While we do not have a “Tower Garden” at this time, it is definitely something we have discussed and have in the plans for future development. Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for any future developments, and feel free to keep chasing/reminding us!



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