Cloud Dine

Truth be told I don’t eat on the mountain as much as I’d like. Whether it’s a demanding work schedule or obligations with the kids, I often ski a solid half day and hit the road before lunch time. Sure, I’ll sometimes stop in at Red Pine for a quick hot chocolate to warm up, and you know I stop at Canyons Kids to stock up on penny candy for my pockets but it’s rare I actually sit down, order lunch and enjoy a leisurely meal in between runs. But last week I cleared my schedule and two of my dearest friends joined me for a full day of skiing and lunch at Cloud Dine. It was so nice not to be under time restraints. No rushing meant leisurely skiing and an even more leisurely lunch. when I say ‘leisurely skiing’ what I really mean was leisurely skiing at a really quick pace; we rode hard right out of the gate. When we eventually¬† made our way to the top of Dream Scape to Cloud Dine for lunch we were hungry!

Chicken Pot Pie at Cloud Dine

Where to start with Cloud Dine? Or, shall we just go ahead and call it Cloud Wow? From the breathtaking views and hip, retro interior, to the beer served in pitchers and the lengthy menu, Cloud Dine is a major contender for my favorite on mountain dining. We wasted no time ordering, making sure we sampled something from all the menus.

Brisket Sliders at Cloud Dine

The brisket sliders, two in an order, were served with a sweet- tangy sauce and the meat was super tender. The only thing missing was the lack of coleslaw on top. It was such a perfect compliment, I wanted more. No time to be disappointed as the fries they serve aside the sliders are hand cut, perfectly crispy, and just the right amount of saltiness. Not a single fry was left on our plate! We all agreed to order the chicken pot pie. What a welcome addition to the on mountain menu. Who doesn’t want a piping hot bowl of comfort pie after spending a morning trying to stay warm? The crust was flaky and the pot pie was chocked full of vegetables and chicken- just the way I like it. To balance out the heavier items we ordered the Mediterranean salad. The Israeli couscous and crispy romaine lettuce made a bed for fresh vegetables and feta cheese. A simple salad done right. I’m a sucker for a great Greek salad the Canyons Spin was no exception.¬† Because we were treating ourselves we also shared a glazed donut for dessert. Cloud Dine makes all their desserts in house. The glaze on the donut was heavy on the vanilla and lick your fingers, sticky, goodness! It’s definitely not to be missed.

Mediterranean Salad at Cloud Dine

As hard as it was to get up from our relaxing lunch, there were laps to be made. We finished our afternoon of skiing a little slower than we started but none the less with happy and full bellies. Enjoy the spring conditions and get over to Cloud Dine and treat yourself!

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