Clicquot in the Snow


Every March, Canyons Resort celebrates the arrival of the new season with Spring Gruv, a series of live music concerts, the always popular Pond Skimming and more.  This season, The Farm at Canyons and Veuve Clicquot teamed up to offer a new event.

‘Clicquot in the Snow’ showcased the classically styled, full-bodied Yellow Label champagne alongside the impeccable cuisine of The Farm’s award-winning kitchen.  Chef Zeke Wray designed small bites with a creative play on bubbles, including:

  • Champagne Crème Fraiche Ice Cream Cones with Blueberry Caviar
  • Veuve Compressed Melon with Crispy Prosciutto
  • Champagne Braised Mushrooms in Filo Cups.

Guests mingled inside and out of the restaurant.  Although there was some concern early in the day that it would be too cold, the sun came out on Ski Beach.  Once the champagne started to flow, worries washed away and everyone seemed to stay warm and jovial.  One guest raved that the event was “a balanced mix of elite and approachable.  The Farm and Veuve Clicquot are  perfect partners .”

Revelers enjoyed the food and drink right up to the last drop – literally.  Not one bottle of Veuve Clicquot was left in the building by the end of this soiree.

Cheers to Spring Veuve!  A votre santé!


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