Enjoy the Best of Summer in the Fall

As August comes to an end and the kids go back to school, there is no denying that fall is on it’s way. You can smell it at night when sleeping with the windows open. It’s cool enough in the mornings that you need a sweatshirt to go outside and pick up the paper. You can even see it on the mountains if you look close enough. There’s the slightest twinge of orange scattered amongst the green. It’s such a beautiful time in Park City with the farmers market peaking, with offers of local peaches, juicy tomatoes and sweet corn. The hiking and biking trails are perfectly tacky and if you go at the right time, often you get the mountain to yourself.

If you couldn’t tell, I love this time of year in Park City. The boys and I take full advantage by using our Canyons season passes to take a ride up the Gondola whenever we’re looking for a little outdoor adventure. Between the hiking, fishing, paddle boating and simply pulling up a seat on the rock to watch the bikers jib they’re way down the trail, we can easily pass an afternoon up at the Red Pine Lodge area. We always make sure to grab a bite to eat (grilled cheese and fries for the kids, Greek salad for me), before the day’s adventure to fuel our legs and fill our bellies. If we go as a family we often take the High Meadow lift up and do the quick (but still beautiful) walk over to Alpine lake and hike down as my little one gets tired and whiny. When it’s just my older son and I, we opt for taking the Alpine Trail up and down as he’s bound and determined to see some wildlife. It hasn’t happened yet but we’re always on the lookout!

With still another month of the summer schedule, there’s no excuse not to get out and enjoy all the summer activities Canyons offers. If you’re hiking solo or venturing out with the whole family, there is something for everyone. Starting September 2nd, the gondola will run Thursdays-Sundays only until it closes on October 6th until the winter season starts up.

For more information on dining and on mountain activities for the remainder of the summer season, visit the website here.

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