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Canyons Kids – For the kids in all of us

Located across from the snow beach, Canyons Kids is the newest store to hit the village shops. From the nickel and dime candy bins to the center feature full of classic games like Candyland and Tiddlywinks, Canyons Kids is far more than your average resort shop. Stopping in the store when we’re done skiing has quickly become a regular part of our routine. My kids love looking at the unique toy selection and my husband and I can’t help but get sucked into the floor to ceiling candy buckets filled with old time favorites. We’ve yet to leave the store without a pocket full of sweet treats.
Sure, the shop has you covered if you forgot to pack your daughters gloves or you need to pick up an extra base layer or neck gaiter for the those especially cold days but it’s the unique items that really make Canyons Kids stand apart. Cade & Co locally makes kids moccasins featuring skiers and/or snowboarders. Old timey toys like potato guns and a huge selection of travel games makes it a perfect place to pick up a travel memento of your trip to Canyons Resort.
Always smiling, Canyons Kids employee, Bridgit has an infectious personality that matches the lighthearted feeling you’ll get when you step foot inside the door. Whether she helps your son pick out a new snowboarding jacket or shares her favorite candy picks with you (banana taffy, for the record), you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend and want to come visit as often as you can.

Canyons Kids is open from 9-5pm 7 days a week! Be sure to check it out.

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