Canyons Resort’s Top 10 Top 10s

Before I launch into this post, I want to know if I’m the only one that has realized that as of today there are less than 40 days left in the 2010-2011 season? Just a little something for you to consider the next time you sleep in or take a full day off from the slopes.   

With less than 40 days to go, that means I’ve spent around 90 days conducting in-depth research at Canyons Resort in an effort to compile the information for “Canyons Resort‘s Top 10 Top 10s.” Keep in mind; I use the term “in-depth research” loosely. There was no data collected. There was no statistical analysis. There weren’t even any “focus groups.” Unless of course you count conversations with complete strangers on the chairlift.

In place of research I skied powder, hiked for turns, ripped groomers, ate whenever and wherever possible, watched people (in a non-creepy way), lived it up après style and crashed as many Canyons’ events as I could. If you’re looking for information that is supported by carefully gathered data and statistics, this is not it. But, if you’re looking for the low down on the best Canyons has to offer, read on.

Oh, and don’t forget that these are just my opinions. The beauty of a blog is that I can write whatever I want! Feel free to disagree, add to, or formulate your own lists. I’d love to see what you’re thinking.

Rippin' groomers (photo credit: Justin Olsen)

  1. Groomers: I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for groomers in my time at Canyons. The quality and the variety are outstanding.
    1. Lookout Ridge
    2. Twilight to Harmony
    3. Apex Ridge
    4. Doc’s
    5. Kestrel
    6. Cloud 9
    7. Echo
    8. Crowning Glory
    9. Aplande
    10. Boa
  2. Lifts: Fact – riding lifts is a part of your skiing experience when at a resort. Wouldn’t you like to ride the best ones?
    1. Orange Bubble Express
    2. Ninety-Nine 90 Express
    3. Super Condor Express
    4. Tombstone Express
    5. Peak 5
    6. DreamCatcher
    7. Red Pine Gondola
    8. Iron Mountain Express
    9. Saddleback Express
    10. Sun Peak Express
  3. Dining Establishments: You could ski all day and not eat. But passing out from hunger in the lift line is embarrassing.
    1. The Farm
    2. Lookout Cabin
    3. Cloud Dine
    4. Tombstone Grill
    5. DreamScape Grill
    6. Red Tail Grill
    7. Alpine House
    8. Red Pine Lodge
    9. Drift
    10. Bruges Waffles
  4. Individual Dishes: From The Farm to Tombstone Grill, I ate everything on the menu so you didn’t have to.
    1. Crème Brule Cheesecake – Lookout Cabin
    2. Barbecue Brisket – Tombstone Grill
    3. Grilled Summit County Rib Eye – The Farm
    4. White Pizza – Alpine House
    5. Shrimp Tacos – Red Tail Grill
    6. The Stratus – Cloud Dine
    7. Salmon Reuben – Lookout Cabin
    8. Liege Vanilla Waffle – Bruges Waffles
    9. Alpine Mac n’ Cheese – Lookout Cabin
    10. Chicken Gyro – Drift
  5. Tree runs: Picking your way through tight trees can be frustrating . . . and bad for your health. Stay healthy on these runs.
    1. Fantasy Ridge
    2. Phantasm Woods
    3. Condor Woods
    4. The Pines
    5. Lynx
    6. Escapade Woods
    7. Fool’s Paradise
    8. Paradise Bowl
    9. Mystic Pines
    10. The Abyss
  6. Scenic Vistas: Maybe you’re looking for inspiration. Or maybe you’re looking to impress that special someone. Either way, these vistas will help.
    1. Top of Ninety-Nine 90 boot pack
    2. Top of Murdock Peak boot pack
    3. Deck of Lookout Cabin
    4. Deck of Cloud Dine
    5. Iron Mountain – top of Copperhead run
    6. Ski Beach
    7. Red Pine Gondola
    8. Tombstone Express – Top terminal
    9. Peak 5 – Top terminal
    10. Doc’s Run – midway down
  7. Powder stashes: Giving away all of the stashes at Canyons would be a crime. Here are a few to whet your appetite . . .
    1. Murdock Bowl
    2. Phantasm Woods
    3. The Pines
    4. Find your own
    5. Find your own
    6. Find your own
    7. Find your own
    8. Find your own
    9. Find your own
    10. You didn’t really think I was going to give away 10 stashes, did you?
  8. Events: You could plan your social life around Canyons’ events calendar . . . literally. Here are my favorites from this season (some coming soon!).
    1. Opening Day
    2. Pond Skimming
    3. Sprint U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix
    4. Red Bull Schlittentag
    5. Spring Concert Series
    6. New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Rail Jam
    7. Canis Lupus Challenge
    8. Boxzilla II
    9. Santa on the Slopes
    10. Oakley Weekend – Zone Madness & Progression Sessions
  9. Places to people watch: There’s nothing better than spotting a sweet retro onesie or eyeing an enormous gaper gap. People watching is priceless at these locales.
    1. Ski Beach
    2. Umbrella Bar
    3. Saddleback Express lift line
    4. Red Pine Lodge deck
    5. Cloud Dine
    6. Tombstone Grill
    7. Canyon Mountain Sports
    8. Timberline lift
    9. Sun Lodge
    10. Lookout Cabin
  10. Terrain Park Features: I’m no expert when it comes to Terrain Parks. So instead of pulling the wool over your eyes, I hit up Steve Duke, the creator of Transitions Terrain Park, for his top ten features!
    1. The Gong
    2. 6-pack
    3. Shack Jump
    4. Rambo
    5. Boxzilla
    6. “Transitions” Container Wall
    7. Skull Candy Tube
    8. Creeper
    9. S-Box
    10. Carper ¼ Pipe

Whew!  That is quite the collection of lists. Luckily, they’re not set in stone. What edits would you make?


  1. Craig Richwine says

    I would not put The Farm ahead of JT (head chef) and Lookout Cabin. Sorry, The Farm hasnt earned that yet, and the food at Lookout is better.

    • Joe says

      Craig, I hear yah. Lookout Cabin is amazing . . . everything on the menu is great. But The Farm is just as awesome and will only continue to get better. In my opinion the most underrated thing on Lookout’s menu – the Hot Chocolate. It is life changing!

  2. Jessica Bandy says

    I’d like to add: Top experience at Canyons for and 8 year old and 6 year old boy (not to mention their humbled parents): meeting the darling Kaylin on the Frostwood Gondola yesterday morning! We so enjoyed our short chat and were sad we missed a photo-op for our boys. Maybe we’ll see each other again before we leave. Thank you for sharing a special moment with us.

  3. Andy says

    JOE!!!! You forgot about Fast Tracks in the Grand Summit Lobby…the best on the go easy Breakfasts on the mountain…Just Saying!

  4. Steve says

    I agree with Craig…nothing beats Lookout Cabin for food at Canyons. Actually, once you eat there you can’t eat anywhere else because it’s just pale by comparison, really…it’s that good. I also would add Magic Lines and Deshutes to your tree runs list with Magic Lines in third position and Deshutes in like tenth. Just my opinion…I love Canyons…:-)

  5. Steve says

    Also the best places for powder stashes is anywhere in the trees on Peak 5 or the Dreamcatcher Dreamscape chairs…when it’s snowing those areas always get the most snow which means they also have the deepest powder on the mountain.

  6. Joe says


    Lookout Cabin is amazing! But, get yourself to The Farm for a meal and you’ll have just as tough of a time as I did picking which one is #1. Good suggestions on the tree runs. Magic Lines is always money.

    Powder stashes is where I have a bone to pick with you, Steve. Really? Since I’m the “Judge” of this blog, I ask all readers to strike from memory what you just read. Powder stashes are personal. You find them on your own and you keep them to yourself.

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