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Bistro at Canyons

Imagine you’re going to say, Canyons Resort, on a family vacation.  You’re loading up the family, flying in from one of the coasts ready to ski, après, lounge, eat and repeat for a week.  Likely, you’ll start looking for the best spots to eat around town.  Perhaps a call to the concierge a few weeks in advance would help you to know what all of your options are for the week.  You’re excited, your family salivates with all of the options you’ve given them for food while in Park City, and rightly so.

Now imagine you keep a kosher diet.  For a ski experience to even be possible, you would have to bring all of your own food with you.  Every meal with your family happens around your comfortable Canyons lodging table – breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.  Canyons Resort is the only ski area in the country that offers a fine dining experience to families that keep kosher.

You don’t have to be a kosher family to enjoy a night out at Bistro.  In fact,if you are lactose intolerant, it’s the only place in town where you can order anything on the menu worry-free.  Chef Brian Rossi loves the challenge of cooking within kosher parameters.  He says he finds himself thinking about new ways of thickening sauces without dairy on his days off.  He loves to come in to work every day along side the staff rabbi who oversees the kitchen to ensure everything is kosher.

But, please, don’t see Bistro as a novelty.  Think of them as a great restaurant committed to great food that happens to keep kosher, not the other way around.  The average food-lover eating at Bistro wouldn’t notice the restrictions of Bistro unless told.  They have an incredible wine list designed by Sommelier Sean Marron, with wines from everywhere from Israel to California.

This mountain-town restaurant is anything but simple, but at the same time it’s as simple as it gets.  Yes, there are some restrictions in what ingredients Chef Rossi can use, but at the end of the day, it’s just like every other restaurant – they use the best available ingredients to make the best possible food.  It’s that simple.



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