BBQ Showdown


Spring is here! There is about one month left of the ski season here at Canyons Resort, which would be depressing if hanging out on the Ski Beach in the warm sunshine each afternoon wasn’t so utterly awesome. Things are shaping up for Spring Gruv with events coming thick and fast that add to the constant party atmosphere around the base area. This saturday saw a BBQ Showdown between the two top chefs in town, Aussie celebrity Chef Peter Evans and Canyon’s own Chef John Murcko.   

Yeah, I’m a sucker for BBQ, so there wasn’t a chance of me missing out on some free ribs. This job is pretty tough.   

Chef Evans moves some tasty BBQ treats out of my reach

The two Chefs were each cooking a special one-day only BBQ menu for the newest dining spot on the mountain, The Farm. BBQ is serious business. And the menu from each of these guys was pretty impressive: Spiced Moroccan Lamb, Seafood Cupino, Rum & Coke Ribs, Indian Lamb Lollipops and even shots of hot Butternut Squash Cider. In the name of blogging I dove into just about everything and anything I could, no prisoners!   

This is what a Lamb Lollipop looks like, it tastes even better.

The smell eminating from the two competing grills was perfection! I love the smell of BBQ in the . . . afternoon. It smells like victory!   

There's no smoke without fire. Wait a minute......

The Ski Beach is definitely my favorite place to hang out on the mountain after skiing, especially on a weekend when everyone is mixing around, enjoying the sunshine and checking out everything else going on. Over the weekend, in addition to the BBQ showdown, there was another live band playing as part of the Spring Concert Series and Oakley was hanging out in their Rollin O-Lab giving away some free SWAG. I like to wander around and see what’s going on:   

For those about to rock, we salute you. Probably

Free Stuff!! Who's going to make the catch?

This guy!

Obviously, I returned to the BBQ where Chef Murcko was still grilling away, this time cooking up a Seafood Cupino. I have no idea what a Cupino is, but it’s bloody delicious!   

Me: "Let's throw another shrimp on the barby!" Chef Murcko: "It's a grill".

Me: "Well let's throw another shrimp on the grill then!" Chef Murcko: "It's lobster".

The shutter speed for this photo was 1/800th of a second. About the same time it took me to accept the offer to taste Seafood Cupino

Man Vs Ribs: Man won

Chef Evans was cooking away too, in true aussie BBQ style. He seemed happy so I didnt mention the cricket.

I didn't get to taste these grilled scallops from Chef Evans, I'm still sad about that.

That's some actual awesome sauce he's pouring there, it's awesome.

The BBQ showdown was a huge success – for my stomach! I wasn’t keeping score and there’s definitely no way I’d be able to say one amazing menu was better than the other equally amazing menu, but I’ll give the win to Chef Evans. He’s from Australia and it’s about time they got back to their winning ways again.   

Seriously, come and hang out on the Ski Beach. It’s rockin’ all weekend and the best place to Apres!   


Check out all the upcoming events throughout Spring Gruv on the Canyons Events page.


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