Saturday S'mores at Canyons Resort

Après: Family Style

My husband and I have had to adjust our expectations when it comes to skiing as a family. Long gone are the days when we could ride all day and then grab a beer with friends at the base while visiting with friends after the mountain closed. We’d eventually make it home, make a late dinner and fall asleep on the couch only to wake up again the next morning and do it all over again. Those were the days….

Fast forward 13 years and two kids later, our ski days aren’t quite the same. It’s rare that either of us get to ski a whole day and if so, it’s never together. With a seven year old on a snowboard and barely four year old learning to ski, we usually split forces and while my husband skis with the little one, I ride with my older son. Don’t get me wrong, I love skiing with my boys and I love even more that we’re fostering a love for the mountain in both of them and it’s something we can do as a family. It’s just sometimes I kinda miss the days when we could just hang after the mountain closed and relax. I miss après.

Thanks to the family focused après efforts this year at Canyons, we’re finding our groove again. Canyons is offering FREE RESORT ACTIVITIES throughout the Resort Village each weekend day starting at 2:30. Can I get a high five? And a woot woot? And a beer? Every weekend through the end of the winter season, the Canyons will offer a family focused activity on the weekend afternoons. The regular events will be snow play for the kids by the Umbrella Bar, live demonstrations with Canyons own avalanche dogs and free s’mores on Saturdays. Mixed in will be special event activities that include a juggler, magician, balloon artist, cowboys and Ogden’s own Birds of Prey where kids will get to see special birds up close.

Cowboys at Canyons Resort Village    Village Animation    Family Apres with Jugglers

Why am I so excited? Well for starters, I really can grab a cold beer if I want at the Umbrella Bar while keeping an eye on the kids while they have a good time making new friends and having a blast. I love that the activities start at 2:30 because let’s be honest, it’s tough for kids to ski until 4 and even if they do, they’re pooped. Hats off to Canyons for thinking this through and making sure the whole family can have a good time and varying the activities so the littles stay entertained. Bringing the après back and hanging with my kids never felt so good!

For a full schedule and list of upcoming scheduled activities, visit the Canyons Events page for more information.

S'mores Video

*Be sure to take advantage of the Saturday S’mores at the fire pit by the Umbrella bar. It’s free, it’s tasty and the perfect way to end a day on the mountain. Check out this great video my family took part of last week. Big thanks to Justin Olsen for making my family look so good and to the Canyons for letting us participate.

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