A Phenomenal Gym

This gig is incredible!  Skiing Canyons, blogging, skiing Canyons, meeting new people, did I mention skiing Canyons?  However, the icing on the cake that is this gig is that I get to live at the Waldorf Astoria.  And the cherry on top of that sundae that is the Waldorf Astoria is the Golden Door Spa.  

Adjoined to the lobby of the hotel, the Golden Door Spa helps bring my winter accommodations to a whole new level of luxury.  Since my arrival I have been meaning to blog about how fantastic it is to have a state of the art fitness center and world-renowned spa just a mere 30-second walk from my front door.  Breaking a sweat has never been easier or more enjoyable!  


Here are some thoughts that have gone through my head the last few months:  

Feel like blasting my pecs and shocking my delts – No problem, they have equipment that will get me leaner and meaner than I ever was in my competition days.  

Only have 40-minutes to get in a cardio workout – My preparation is jumping into my sneakers and then hopping on any one of their different machines. Many times I will mix it up from the treadmill to the bike, and if I am feeling especially sassy I will even add a little elliptical action to the routine.  

Want to try a new exercise but just not feeling confident enough to give it a try –  In-house trainers Jaada and Trent could not be more knowledgeable or friendly. I’m working on getting an introduction to the kinesis studio, a cutting-edge innovative exercise system that utilizes a persons natural movement to increase mobility, strength, and range of motion.  

Lacking motivation, but yearning for an endorpin kick –  One check of the myriad of options on their group classes calendar and off I go.  Zumba (Jaada can move her hips in ways that previously I did not know existed.  As I attempted to mimic her movements during class, I had the additional ab workout from laughing so hard) or yoga, I do whatever piques my interest!  


I was warmly welcomed by Spa Director, Scott Cowdrey back in January on my first visit to the Golden Door Spa.  He is everything a Spa Director should be – personable, intelligent, and fit as a racehorse. He gave me a brief tutorial of all the amenities and encouraged me to try them.  He may need to twist my arm, but I might get a massage before this gig is up…  

After the tour Scott asked if I was going to join his spinning class.  With nothing pertinent pending, I gladly agreed to participate.  Little did I know that Scott used to cycle professionally… and it still shows.  Never had I pushed myself so happily to my outer limits.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  I have tested my physical boundaries plenty, but never so willingly.  Scott miraculously made me WANT to get to that next level.  He did not belittle or intimidate, which in the past has deflated me.  Instead, he encouraged and motivated me and my fellow riders to ask more of ourselves.  Sweating profusely and breathless as we cooled down, I was filled with satisfaction at meeting the challenge.  

Walking back to my room, sweet accomplishment still tingling in my quads, I had an almost tangible enthusiasm.  A great gym is a place with good equipment, knowledgeable staff, and many different exercise options.  A phenomenal gym is an environment that provides every opportunity to help you become the best version of yourself and a community that supports you in that endeavor.  The Golden Door Spa is the definition of a phenomenal gym.  

I'm the embarrassingly sweaty one on the left that looks super awkward amongst my fantastic fellow spinners. I'll let you guess which one's Scott.

More on my health revolution with Dr. Cates and The Golden Door’s spa treatments to come!!

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