10 Questions With: Steve Duke

1. For the record, please state your full name, place of birth, position at Canyons, and how long you’ve called Canyons home.
Steven Duke, Cottonwood, UT, Terrain Park Manager, 5 years

 2. After telling me that you are the only one who calls him “Jonny” in the inaugural “10 Questions With,” Jonathan Cheever gave me permission. By default, does that mean I get to call you Stevie?
Nah, Stevie is a girl’s name, man.

3. We recently had a Facebook comment from an adoring fan that stated, “Steve Duke is the God of snow and dirt.” How does it feel to be referred to as a deity?
I just love jumping!  If I can do that year round then I’m in heaven. But by no means am I running the place.

4. You’re the genius behind Transitions, the terrain park at Canyons. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember “Terrain Park Management” being a major in college. How did you get where you are now?
You’re right, it’s not a major. Believe me, I looked for it. I had to settle on business as a major. I figured I can make that work anywhere, you know? While I was in school we started KAB Rails. It was kind of a crew/party thing for us back then. We really didn’t take it seriously as a business. We would find random steel pieces, weld them together as a rail, bring them to the mountains, and shred them up. Eventually, people started to take notice of our rails. Then, one day our friend said we should make some rails for Brighton. We welded up six rails, brought them up and put them into place. They loved them and the rest fell into place.

5. Let’s talk Bike Park. With the skills park set and one flow trail in place (two more to come this season) things are coming together. Fill us in on the Bike Park building process up to this point and what we can expect to see in the future.
Yeah, definitely super stoked on this project! Our plan is to make Canyons THE spot for bikes in Utah. The first flow trail features legit jumps, berms, and drops. You can really send it! The next two High Meadow trails will be just as legit.  One will be a super long, flowy woods cruiser and the other will be the technical north shore line. We’ll also have a fourth trail going in off the shortcut lift. This trail is going to be the flow version of single track, with the focus on natural lines and contours.

We have big plans for expansion that is split up into phases. The next phase will focus on a T2B (Top-to-Bottom) flow trail from the Red Pine area of the resort to the base. Another phase is a world class downhill trail and contest venue. We really want the trails to feel like your shredding all of the terrain Canyons has to offer.

6. Everyone has a philosophy these days. What is your philosophy when it comes to building parks?
Fun. If you’re not having it then what’s the point?

7. I know you’re in full on Bike Park mode right now, but winter is right around the corner. What’s the plan for Transitions this year? Any new features you can leak to get the stoke going?
We’re always bringing new features! The crew is really looking forward to expanding our wood line and the legit rail set ups. Plus, we’ve got a couple of snow jumps in mind that we want to try.

8. The ski, snowboard and bike industries basically have created their own dialect based entirely on slang terms. What is your favorite industry slang term? And what does it actually mean?
Right now, “send it!” It means don’t think about it, just go.

9. After all these years, you know Canyons better than most. What’s your favorite part about this resort?
The vibe. Everyone I meet truly loves shredding.  Oh, and Super Condor. That area is sick.

10. How would you feel being crowned “Duke of Canyons?”
If “crowned” means a bottle with a purple bag around it being poured into a glass with ice then I say, “Hell yeah. Send it!”

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